Two Old Dogs

dsc03835-1Youth is long gone for two old dogs.

Hair grey, skin webbed, sinews worn

Tugging to and fro on the bones of life

Telling lies, adding colour to slight untruths

To yarns about sport, telling tales of fights.

Feeling pleased they are working

Even though it is picking up rubbish,

Scratching weeds, sweeping up,

Mug patrols for drunken youths-

One works days and one works nights,

They pass briefly as night greets day

To discuss their latest aches and pains

Catch up with gossip, swearing to chuck it in.

But the next morning will find them here again

Still no closer to solving the problems of the world,

But discussing the happenings of yesterday

Dispersing their opinions with resolve

To remove deficiency and time wasting,

Chuckling like besotted schoolboys

About a patron and her charms.

Eventually they part to start their day

With a clear picture of the faults

In the system, with the workers,

By the boss – but those thoughts fade

As one drives to meet the first red light

And the other picks up his broom.

Maybe the same sequence happens

For all those dinosaurs who work – and maybe,

Computers and IT will soon rule the world,

But hopefully necessary toil, though menial,

Will remain for old dogs all over the world

It’s their life and keeps them coming back

For as long as they can – to sweep and clean

For another day, another say, another pay.




I suppose it’s the permanency of the Internet , where things are preserved forever somewhere in the ether which encouraged me to write about my little sidekick Lilly who died on the seventh of this month. She was a Shi-tsu Maltese cross dog and she deserves to be remembered.

Her passing left her sister Deedee and I to continue on, even though I feel certain she will be with us until we meet again in the hereafter. The vets are vague about what eventually killed Lil, probably a heart attack bought on by Cushing’s disease.  On the trip to the clinic  twenty kilometres before we got there, resting her chin on the very  car console she loved to stand on,  her eyes told me she was not in pain, but she knew she was leaving us. Her sister was lying alongside her on the way down ,when she died early the next  morning, and when we bought her home.

I have grieved for people through my life, but this little dog shredded my heart when she left and I was disinterested in life or responsibility for several days,  unable to hold my tears in check when anyone spoke of her. DeeDee who like her sister has a wonderful personality ,was quiet and restless  eating nothing except a small rice meal and as I  covered Lil in the small grave not far from my window, there was a howl  from inside the house. Her mourning seemed to cease  after four days and she  began adjusting to her current responsibility of teaching her old and cranky human that life goes on after the tears.

Lil never growled, snapped  or complained , always greeting people warmly and lying on her back having her stomach rubbed – which was her greatest joy. It’s ridiculous to state that a small dog was such a huge part of my life, but it’s the truth- she and her sister have kept me going through times good and bad. When I tend  her grave we will chat about stuff we did together , what is happening in our lives  and how the trips here and there have panned out.   I will also thank her for her years of love and devotion which she gave so willingly.

Lillpill – if love could heal you could have stayed forever.







Modern Man



Hey check out  my car – it’s a  four by four,

Crash bars, V8  and a whole lot more –

So if  I’m in a city and lost at night

This car gets me home using satellites !

Oh and look at my smart phone – so cool and sleek –

It’s an Android style – it was on sale last week,

Check out the cover – all faux suede,

Oh come on man who cares where it’s made ?

I do Facebook,  Tinder – and stuff like that –

Angry Birds , War Games – how not to get fat,

It pays my bills and even waters my lawn –

And  ‘Likes’ all my friends- on the date they were born !

I have a wireless notebook  that  I use at home,

And I live in a complex with a safety zone.

No worries man  – I have it all ,

My life is amazing –  an absolute ball .

I don’t  waste time learning anything else

I can leave all the text books up on the shelf,

Just plug in the headphones and click on to search –

You’ll never see me being left in the lurch.

I don’t need travel or nature  –  and I don’t need love,

Got Google and  You Tube and  The Velvet Glove!

Even eating feels good when I order out,

I eat on my own so there’s no need to shout.

Entertainment’s  at home and  it’s all  3D –

In the media lounge with a  wall  TV.

I just type in the numbers off my Visa card

And it  comes to me man  – it’s not that hard.

Life Is a Serious Business

Life –  we each get one and the with a smidgeon of luck  the ride will be  beautiful  with occasional dollops of amazing emotions encompassing love, wonder, serious, frightening, challenging, fulfilling, depressing, happy , joyful, and very often in the early years at least –  big quantities  of fun.  It is most valuable and  passes us by quietly , so smoothly and at such speed we often pay it no mind as we handle our day to day  stuff.

For me life has been a bit sad lately with a couple of close friends passing away and  it made me think  how they never completed things they intended to do before they died.  Each day we hear of, or experience, this inescapable circumstance within our families, social circle and even personalities we feel we ‘know’ from their fame. Disease and  natural disasters are bad enough, but it’s often worse when folks we don’t know on the other side of the world are killed in a stupid, pointless burst of submachine gun fire whilst dancing with friends in a half lit club at two in the morning. My mind stretches unsuccessfully to find a single thing about such happenings which could possibly provide some form of gratification or pleasure  to those who perpetrate  such acts of barbaric cruelty and evil.

Still, no matter what I think or more importantly what  the powers that be think, such tragedies  will continue as long as greed and power blend with those susceptible to the persuasive  and warped teachings of puppet masters around the globe.  It’s hard not to feel down given the media swamping when such horrible things occur. Not much fun in the news lately.

I love where I live, but these happenings  make me feel that I need to get away  from my habitual daily doings. The plan is to visit  local  areas  for a few days at a time then come back home  –  reasonably frequent short haul escapes to small towns and places  I  read about for years and always wanted to see. It may turn out that home is all I need, but at least I will have done some of the things on my bucket list . I’m hoping these little trips will reassure me the whole world is not going crazy and even though nowhere is out of bounds for insurgency,  Australia will always be a great place to recharge the soul and bolster my belief in my fellow man.

Life is short and getting way too serious. In addition to that I’m getting closer to the finish line, as are we all , but it seems to be approaching faster now  since I have a few kliks on the clock, so I think I will grab my two little dogs and go exploring in the country – just for fun .

The Fashion Hound

Fashion silouhette

I love the way they strut and primp

Gives me goose bumps up and down

I’m personal friends with Irena Shayk

My besty’s Molly Brown .

Worked  with Vogue and  Robert Cavalli

Doing it all from swimsuits to gowns

Worth more than the total of Silicon Valley

I’m known as  The Fashion Hound

I can spot a fake purse at twenty feet

Or a Chinese Gucci stitch

Paparazzi chase me around the streets

I’m famous and mega rich.

On the catwalk  stage and beach they stroll

Or in the clubs where the stars abound

If they’re any good – it’s all  rock and roll

When  they sign with The  Fashion Hound

I can  put you on the cover of Marie Claire

Calvin Klein  might  be in town-

He likes to chat about style and taste

He calls me  The Fashion Hound.

Get in touch with me if you come to New York

I’ll make time to show you around

You’ll be rich and famous

Beyond your wildest dreams

All thanks to  The Fashion Hound.














The Narcissist


It’s nice to be beautiful

Like me – can you see?

Look at these photos

These photos of me –

On Facebook –  all natural

See my smile you agree

That my teeth are so white

In these photos of me.

I love how my hair flips

In  this shot near the sea,

And my skin – it just glows

Look my cheeks, are so tight

Everyone knows

I’m gorgeous alright….

It’s no secret they love me

And I know that they do,

‘Cos my ‘ likes’ are just over

One thousand and two !